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Regional differences in the economic impact of lockdown measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19: A case study for Colombia.

Eduardo A. Haddad , Gerson Javier Pérez Valbuena, Diana Ricciulli, Jaime Bonet, Inácio Araújo, Fernando Perobelli | December 28, 2021

This paper analyses the regional economic differences in the impact of lockdown measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 ordered by Colombia’s...

COVID-19 crisis monitor: assessing the effectiveness of exit strategies in the State of São Paulo, Brazil

Eduardo A. Haddad , Renato S. Vieira, Inácio F. Araújo, Silvio M. Ichihara, Fernando S. Perobelli , Karina S. S. Bugarin | November 23, 2021

As COVID-19-related health indicators improve after restrictive measures were set in place in different parts of the world, governments are expected...

Climate change in Brazil: dealing with uncertainty in agricultural productivity models and the implications for economy-wide impacts

Bruno Souza, Eduardo A. Haddad | June 18, 2021

This paper estimates the economic impacts of climate change over the Brazilian regions until the end of the century. We estimate the direct and...

What Can Brazil Expect From Joining The OECD?

Otaviano Canuto , Tiago Pereira dos Santos | April 30, 2021

Brazil can expect significant benefits from joining the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The organization has shown to...

Uneven Integration: The Case of Angola

Eduardo A. Haddad , Fernando S. Perobelli , Inácio F. Araújo, Tomaz P. Dentinho | March 16, 2021

Angola’s prospects for reconstruction and development of its poor connectivity infrastructure are heavily dependent upon the export performance of...