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Spatial mismatch, wages and unemployment in metropolitan areas in Brazil

Eduardo A. Haddad , Ana Maria Bonomi Barufi | December 21, 2017

The spatial mismatch hypothesis states that a lack of connection to job opportunities may affect an individual’s prospects in the labour market,...

Growth and Jobs in Developing Economies: Trends and Cycles

Zidong An, Tayeb Ghazi , Gonzalez Prieto | December 20, 2017

This paper investigates the relationship between economic growth and job creation in developing economies with a focus on low and lower middle-income...

From rivers to roads: Spatial mismatch and inequality of opportunity in urban labor markets of a megacity

Eduardo A. Haddad , Ana Maria Bonomi Barufi | October 21, 2017

Location decisions of firms and workers shape the spatial distribution of economic activity between and within cities. On one hand, the interaction...

Produção científica e redes de colaboração dos docentes vinculados aos programas de pós-graduação em Economia no Brasil

Eduardo A. Haddad , Eduardo A. Haddad, Jesús P. Mena-Chalco, Otávio Sidone | October 11, 2017

Este artigo apresenta os resultados de um estudo sobre as potencialidades da utilização dos dados curriculares derivados das informações da...

Accessibility, transportation cost, and regional growth: a case study for Egypt

Eduardo A. Haddad , Dina N. Elshahawany, Michael L. Lahr | September 18, 2017

This paper focuses on a proposed development corridor in Egypt, a main component of which is a desert-based expansion of the current highway network...


Eduardo A. Haddad , Weslem Rodrigues Faria | February 22, 2017

This paper discusses the development of a computable general equilibrium (CGE) model with detailed specification for land use. The model considers...