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The Making of a SuperPower: How China Uses Crises to Deepen and Extend Power and Influence, in Europe & the World

Len Ishmael | April 09, 2020

Our Senior Fellow, Len Ishmael has contributed to the Quarterly Journal by Beyond the Horizon ISSG (Volume 3 Issue 1), under the theme « Influencing and Promoting Global Peace and Security Horizon Insights », with a Policy Paper where she addresses China’s use of crises to « deepen and extend power and influence in Europe and the world ».

Standing in solidarity with countries in Europe and elsewhere in the fight against COVID-19, China scores a diplomatic coup and extends its claim to global leadership. Find her paper entitled « The Making of a Superpower China’s Use of Crises To Deepen and Extend Power and Influence In Europe and the World » on P. 19 of the Journal.

This paper was originally published on  Horizon Insights Quarterly :