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INSIGHTS INTO THE EU-OACPS NEGOTIATIONS 2018-2021 : What are the implications for the future partnership?

Len Ishmael | April 20, 2021

The briefing document by Ambassador Dr. Len Ishmael created in collaboration with MDPD KAS reviews the process of the EU-OACPS negotiations, reviews the process of the EU-OACPS negotiations, with a view to providing insights on the following issues:

- The challenges and bottlenecks in the process and those issues that have created tension.

- The future roles of the African Union (AU) and #OACPS Secretariats in the EU-OACPS relationship, and in Africa’s relationship with the #EU.

- Areas of unfinished business that could potentially lead to problems of implementation.

- Observations from the negotiation process and lessons learned.


This document was originally published on Konrad Adenauer