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The Health Crisis Re-Shuffles the Cards of Geopolitics in the Transport and Logistics Sector in the Western Mediterranean: The Case of the Maritime Sector

Oumnia Boutaleb | May 18, 2021

Historically, transport has always been a key sector in the operation of the world economy. In the modern era marked by interdependence and interconnection of states, economies and world and regional trade, the transport and logistics sector takes on an increasingly important role. It is therefore the driver of development and regional integration, particularly in the countries of the Mediterranean region that have experienced a real revolution in the two last decades in terms of the evolution of their infrastructures and means of transport. The latter largely participate in the facilitation of mobility of people and goods and in the development of international trade. Thus, better transport policies as well as strengthening the transport and logistics infrastructures, be it air, port, road or rail, are necessary to the economic development of the countries of the Mediterranean basin at a domestic and regional level but also internationally. Moreover, solid modern infrastructures are essential to encourage the growth of the Mediterranean countries, their economic and social development, as well as their competitiveness in the international market. Likewise, an efficient transport sector could only enable the development of all economic sectors through a more substantial creation of jobs, greater attractiveness to foreign investment, and a social cohesion between the people around the Mediterranean Basin.

Originally published on CETMO