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Decent Jobs and Inclusive Social Policies in Home Countries : Key Factors for Limiting Illegal Migration

Amal El Ouassif , Tayeb Ghazi | October 15, 2020

It is only recently that the international community has begun referring to tackling the root causes of migration. The importance of job creation has emerged as one of the key ways to convince young people to stay in their countries of origin. However, solely creating jobs is insufficient if the jobs are vulnerable and do not pay decent wages. This policy brief provides recommendations on priority areas to ensure decent living conditions in origin countries. These priorities include, but are not limited to, ensuring adequate social policies, enhancing working conditions, and a coordinated/inclusive approach to the challenges of the labor market.

This article was originally published on T20 website, as our International Relations Specialist Amal El Ouassif, and economist, Tayeb Ghazi are part of the T20 TF9: Migration and Young Societies