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Annual Report on African Economies 2019

Under the Supervision of : Larabi Jaidi | October 02, 2019

Africa is an economic region which holds great potential despite the risks associated with its development. Indeed, many experts agree that Africa is emerging as the new frontier for global growth. Boosted by its abundant natural resources, a young and vibrant population, strong urbanization, more stable macroeconomic conditions, more stringent economic policies, a constantly improving business climate and improving governance, Africa is on track for a structural transformation that is slow, but real. This economic momentum has contributed to changing perceptions of Africa among its partners: countries, economic groups and international organizations.

The Policy Center for the New South’s Annual Report on African Economies stems from an aspiration to deepen Africans’ understanding of Africa through approaches that enable us to closely examine our continent’ evolution. Once portrayed as a region at the margins of the global economy, Africa is now considered an emerging continent. This document is intended to contribute to a better grasp of various socio-economic realities of African economies through regular, rigorous and comparative analyses. On an annual basis, it will review the continent’s economic development, the socio-economic challenges it faces, progress made towards African regional integration and the management of its multilateral economic commitments.

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