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Annual Report on Africa’s Geopolitics 2019

Under the Supervision of : Abdelhak Bassou | September 26, 2019

True to the ambition and spirit of its inaugural edition (2017), then entitled ‘’Mirror of Africa,’’ the «Annual Report on Africa’s Geopolitics», under its new name, explores new horizons, with a view to better grasping the dynamics at play on the continent. This is reflected in particular in the three-part structure of the Report. In Part I (Regions), Africa is broken down into its diverse geographical areas, with a focus on the continent’s various regional economic communities.

Each one of the contributors, of diverse backgrounds, nationalities and areas of expertise, looks into aspects, which, as the case may be, make up the strength or challenges of a region. The themes addressed, and the rigorous analyses undertaken, are intended to enable readers to cast a glimpse into the future of Africa, which is unfolding by leaps and bounds.

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