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Vera Kwakofi

She also created the BBC Women of Africa Series funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She actively participates in various discussion panels promoting and providing a better understanding of the African region. She holds a MSc in Consultant Management and Organizational Change from the University of London, and a BA Hons in Politics from the London Metropolitan University. She also has a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communications from the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

Uri Dadush

He teaches courses on globalization and on international trade policy at the OCP Policy School and at the School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland. He was previously Director of the International Economics Program at Carnegie and, at the World Bank, Director of the International Trade, Economic Policy, and Development Prospects Departments. In the private sector, where he was President of the Economist Intelligence Unit, Group Vice President of Data Resources, Inc., and a consultant with Mc Kinsey and Co.

Uduak Amimo

After returning to Kenya in 2011, she hosted Cheche, the country’s most watched current affairs discussion show, on the leading television station, Citizen TV.  She was one of the moderators of Kenya’s first, live, televised presidential debates during the general election of 2013. Already having a USIU-A in Nairobi with a B.A in International Relations; an M. A. in Communication and Public Affairs from the American University in Washington, she is pursuing a M. A. in Communication and Non-Profit Management from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Tigist Yeshiwas Engdaw

A Global Goodwill Ambassador on Humanitarian, she consults on peacebuilding, peace education, gender, peace, security, development nexus in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea. She was visiting scholar fellow at Brown University, USA, University of Leipzig, Germany, at the Danish Institute for International Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has a Ph. D.

Thione Niang

He teaches French in a black neighborhood, and tries to have an impact on his students lives. He volunteers in the campaign of a Democrat candidate for mayor, and gets noticed for his dynamism. He meets Senator Barack Obama in 2006, and joins his campaign as a « community organizer » in the Cuyahoga county. In 2009, he becomes Chairman of the International Affairs of the Democrat Youth in the USA. In 2012, he was the national co-chair of Generation 44 for the reelection campaign.

Theodore Ahlers

He advises numerous countries and institutions on strategic economic issues and recently edited Africa Reset: A New Way Forward(Oxford, 2017) and contributed to Central Asia 2050: Unleashing the Region’s Potential (Sage, 2016). He holds a PhD in Development Economics from Tufts University, Fletcher School.

Tesfahun Gobezay Kinfie

He has qualification in national security policy and process, media regulation and intelligence analysis, and received his bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations from Addis Ababa University in 2007 and his master's degree in Transformational Leadership and Change in 2012 from University of Greenwich, London.

Sunjoy Joshi

London and Distinguished Visitor to the Program on Energy and Sustainable Development, University of Stanford.His field of work has been in Energy and Environment, and he looks at non-traditional security threats and the challenges to growth and employment faced by emerging economies in a world facing technological disruption on a scale never experienced before. Takes keen interest in social development initiatives as Vice President of the Mountain Children’s Foundation, a not for profit organization working with disadvantaged rural children in the Himalayas.

Silas Lwakabamba

His performance earned him trust to be appointed Rwanda’s Minister of Infrastructure and later Rwanda’s Minister of Education. Professor Lwakabamba has been and continues to be a Chair and a Member of a number of National, Regional and International Boards and Committees such as the governing Board of the Inter-University Council of East Africa, the Executive Board of UNESCO and many others.

Serigne Gueye Diop

Dr. Diop’s vision relies heavily on education which he considers essential for developing countries. Dr. Diop is very committed to social entrepreneurship. He is currently sponsoring the 3rd edition of “Voix des Jeunes Sénégal”. This competition brings together Senegalese students from public universities and private institutions who ensure social change through the resolution of social problems and challenges. Among prestigious educational institutes, Dr.


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