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Serigne Gueye Diop

Dr. Diop’s vision relies heavily on education which he considers essential for developing countries. Dr. Diop is very committed to social entrepreneurship. He is currently sponsoring the 3rd edition of “Voix des Jeunes Sénégal”. This competition brings together Senegalese students from public universities and private institutions who ensure social change through the resolution of social problems and challenges. Among prestigious educational institutes, Dr. Diop had pursued his studies at the National Institute of Higher Agronomic Studies – SUPAGRO (Montpellier, France) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT (Boston, USA).

Serigne Gueye
Titre Adel Community: 
Minister Advisor to the President of the Republic, Mayor of Sandiara, Senegal

An agronomist and holder of several patents in the agri-food sector, Dr Serigne Guèye Diop was the Director of the Nestlé Research Center in Africa. Currently Mayor of Sandiara, he is experimenting a local version of the Emerging Senegal Plan through the creation of an industrial zone which groups several companies.

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