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Chidiogo Akunyili-Parr

She founded She ROARs in 2016, a platform dedicated to unleash the potential of young female leaders in Africa and the diaspora. It really took off after an important gathering of more than 300 African women in August 2017 in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania. The “Women Advancing Africa” conference was organized by the Graça Machel Trust, named after the former First Lady of Mozambique and widow of Nelson Mandela.

Emmanuel Lubanzadio, an Atlantic Young leader working for Twitter

In January 2020 he transitioned as Head of Public Policy for Sub-Saharan Africa at Twitter. At this strategic position, he works for one of the most influential social media networks globally, but keeps a cool head and stays low key.


Rethinking "Work"

"I couldn't sense the impact I was looking for in my work, be it economic, social or educational. I resigned and went around the world for nine months. She traveled throughout Latin America, from Australia to Asia, learning to overcome her fears and meeting "digital nomads", young people who set up their businesses on the Internet.

Adil Diani

He holds a Master of Science in Agribusiness Management and Economics of Natural Resources from the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (France), and an Agricultural Economist Engineer Diploma (M.Sc.) from the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute of Hassan II (Morocco). Mr. DIANI is author (and co-author) of many policy papers and publications/studies related to the role of the public policy reforms in association with key issues like regional economic integration, energy transition, trade in services, and industrial competitiveness.

Yali Zhao

he studied at Aristodelio University in Greece, major in Modern Greek Language.

Nayé Anna Bathily

She also led partnership efforts on behalf of the World Bank, providing strategic input to heads of states for major development roundtables in Africa. In 2015, she was nominated in the Choiseul 100 of the Young African Leaders of Tomorrow.


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