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ADEL Alumni Projects

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Tackling Local and Global Issues Through Concrete Projects

To strengthen the role of youth as agents of community development,  the Policy Center for the New South launched a call for projects in 2018 grounded in new and innovative approaches to existing local problems. Within our role of promoting locally sourced and sustainable development in the South, this call for projects came as a natural extension of our continued commitment to supporting the proactive and creative engagement of young leaders in the development of their communities. The Policy Center is committed to helping the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders community in scaling up their projects through this initiative that we will replicate every year moving forward.

The projects focused on creating impact and bringing creative approaches to social, cultural, and environmental change.Below are the 7 projects selected out of a pool of 30 submitted proposals in 2019 that are currently being implemented in their respective countries and communities.