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Introductory Videos

Girls in Biotech (GIB) by Prince Boadu, Ghana (ADEL 2014)

Girls-in-Biotech’s main goal is to create feminine friendly  platforms and opportunities for empowering women scientists to enhance their participation in  the biotech field in Africa. This will be attained through various strategies including  the implementation of labs well equipped for capacity building, research & development, rapid prototyping...; organizing national biotech competitions;  and establishing  GIB clubs in universities and   high schools.

About Prince: Prince is Senior Supply Specialist at Procter & Gamble, Darmstadt, Germany where his work in the Personal Healthcare division is focused on the Middle East & Africa cluster.
Prior to his current role, Prince held same position at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
Prince is also an entrepreneur and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. He is co-founder of Maptech and Kumasi Hive. Maptech leverages the power of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to solve business problems by developing and deploying GIS-based applications. Maptech was, in 2016, featured in a World Bank documentary on accelerating tech innovation business in Ghana.Kumasi Hive, on the other hand, is an innovation hub that promotes the rapid prototyping of ideas, entrepreneurship and youth development. The Hive focuses on promoting collaboration among tenants within our co-working spaces and hardware facility. This is a radical shift from the usual software centered hubs in Ghana.

In 2016, Prince was named by FORBES Africa on the 30 under 30 list. He is the founding curator of TEDxKNUST, a World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Shaper (Kumasi Hub) and a Fellow of the Afrika Kommt! Program. He served as a speaker in 2015 at the Atlantic Dialogues in Morocco as one of 40 named Emerging Leaders from four continents across the Atlantic Basin —an initiative of the German Marshall Fund of the United States and the Policy Center for the New South of Morocco. He is an active member of the GhanaThink Foundation.

Light Up Internally Displaced Peoples Camps with Solar by Michael David Terungwa, Nigeria (ADEL 2017)

The main goal of the project is to promote the use of renewable energy for internally displaced people’s camps. This will be attained by: a 5-day training for a hundred participants in solar system installation and maintenance; provision of small standalone solar systems to a hundred households providing clean energy access to the people in camps; production and distribution of locally made energy efficient stoves; awareness and sensitization campaigns.

About Michael: A highly efficient & dedicated individual with over 15 years' combined experience in project management, operations, research & administration in non-profit and social development. Passionate about environmental management, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy, dedicated to enabling sustainable development in Sub Saharan Africa. David is the Founder and Executive Director of GIFSEP- Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation based in Nigeria; Mike advocates, educates and mobilizes communities to respond to a changing climate.
He is volunteer West Africa Coordinator for The African Climate Reality Project & the African Regional Coordinator for Citizens Climate Lobby. Driven from deeply held conviction, with his personal mantra “Thou shall not pollute the Earth”, he applies a degree in Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in Soil and Water Management and a post graduate certificate in Renewable energy. His passion is training people, young and old, in best practices for sustainable land management, food production and environmental conservation. One of his initiatives is the #SolarForIDPCamps which is aimed at providing clean energy access to nearly 2 million persons taking shelter in different Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps across Nigeria by lighting up the IDP camps with Solar.

RE-NEW IT by Teocah Dove, Trinidad & Tobago (ADEL 2015)

RENEWIT’s aim is to help with the socio-economic situation in Guyana through capacity building and energy. The company intends on implementing a multi-prong capacity building and a 7-month training program in solar system maintenance. Aside from providing electricity to an average of 2500 people, the training will engage 80 participants (60 women under the age of 35 and 20 men) and broaden their employment opportunities.

About Teocah: Teocah is an internationally recognised interdisciplinary development strategist with a unique blend of experience that runs the gamut of social innovation, social development & communications for development. Her diverse expertise has seen her serving in leadership positions over the last 8 years either communicating on, designing, providing technical direction on, implementing and/or managing high impact development programmes.
Teocah dedicates her efforts & resources in the Caribbean as a Social Entrepreneur, through her eponymous foundation, & as a consultant with development organisations, public & private sector institutions & civil society. With a passion for using ICT for empowerment & social transformation, and of recent, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for social good, Teocah's work surrounds human & social development, youth, community, women and girls empowerment, HIV/AIDS, poverty alleviation and renewable energy.

She has niche expertise in proposal & grant writing, resource mobilization, grant & budget management, event/project/programme design, implementation & management, leading multi-stakeholder engagement processes, organizational strengthening, capacity building facilitation & strategic multimedia communications. 
In recognition of her humanitarian and philanthropic contributions over the years, Teocah has been recognized by several prestigious bodies, most notably among them, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who conferred Teocah with the QYL award at Buckingham Palace in 2015 and His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Policy Center for the New South - Morocco, who recognized her as one of the 40 emerging leaders from across the Atlantic in that same year.
Resourceful, passionate and innovative, in all that she does Teocah adopts a human-centered design approach & easily connects with persons of diverse backgrounds and social status. This, coupled with her experience & international networks positions her as an asset to any organization or initiative.

Oasis Agrytech Hackathon (OAH) by Touria Benlafqih, Morocco (ADEL 2017)

The Oasis Agrytech Hackathon project is aiming to preserve the Draa Tafilalet region’s natural and human resources from climate change  consequences. It will focus especially on a couple of hundred local young adults ranging from 16 to 35 years old, through a 3-day event where they will be mobilized and trained by some twenty local and national experts into scheming entrepreneurial solutions and opportunities for the region, a panel  of judges will select by the end of the event   one of the pitches to fund and implement.

About Touria: Over 10 years of experience in development project management, monitoring and evaluation, communication and awareness campaigns, fundraising and capacity building in non government organizations and international organizations, in the field of environment and sustainable development, social entrepreneurship and income generating projects, and advocacy.
Strong interpersonal and leadership skills in implementing and mentoring micro-business owners, with valuable experience in training facilitation and working within multicultural environment.
Interested in : Micro-businesses and income generating activities, social entrepreneurship, training, personal and professional coaching, youth empowerment and capacity building. 

iCAD by Mbuih Zukane Retruyap, Cameroon (ADEL 2015)

The iCAD is an environmental friendly business whose goal is to recycle household waste and animal droppings to produce green energy in the town of Dschang. The production of the artisanal manure is facilitated through a digitalized customers’ waste management procedure through social apps and texts. Moreover, the company rears chicken and pigs to use their droppings with the waste collected  as well as sell them making the eco friendly business more lucrative.

The fund will support infrastructure developments, equipment purchases,  trainings, and technical assistance.

About Mbuih: Freelance Consultant in International Cooperation, Decentralization, Interculturality and Youth Policies, with an accumulated 12 years of experience.MBUIH is a Senior Youth Worker and an International Cooperation expert by profession. He lectures youth leadership, policy and Animation as a transversal course in Cameroon’s 3rd largest University (Dschang), since 2009. He is a co-founder of the African Network of Youth Policy Experts and currently allotted the post of Director of Finance and Audits. He is also the founder and CEO of a youth-led organization dubbed InterCultural Alliance for Development, whose mandate is to bridge gaps, thus fostering sustainable development through safe and sane cultural practices.
Mbuih is doing postgraduate studies in the International Relations Institute of Cameroon in consortium with Ca Foscari University, Venice Italy, majoring in International Cooperation, Humanitarian Action and Sustainable Development. He also obtained a Masters 1 in Development Geography from the University of Dschang as well as a professional Masters in Youth Work from the National Institute of Youth and Sports. He also has a plethora of UN Diplomas, including Increasing Integrity, Transparency, Accountability and Participation from UNDP Escuela, Bogotà Columbia. Mbuih also has another diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from UNICEF and UN Women. He has a diploma as a UN Peacekeeper from the Peace Operation Training Institute, New York. He also obtained a Diploma in Financial Administration and Another diploma in Management of cultural and Artistic Events. His numerous professional publications focus on his research and clinical interests in youth development, international cooperation and local governance.

SecureFarmer by Seyi Oyenuga, Nigeria (ADEL 2017)

SecureFarmer is a Nigerian company that uses a smart data driven approach and new technologies in order to develop sustainable farming communities; maximizing farmer productivity; targeting youth and women, encouraging  them into the field by developing real inclusive opportunities in the agricultural space. SecureFarmer is also exploring other profiles from Emerging Leaders within the agricultural, data and technical fields to further develop their platform.

About Seyi: Seyi Oyenuga is an industrial entrepreneur with over 12 years experience working in America and Nigeria.  He serves as Executive Director and Head of Agriculture Division of ATMANCorp, a vertically integrated agriculture and food processing company based in Nigeria.

The company leverages innovative technology and processes to enhance productivity through a mainly youth workforce and smallholder farmer network. Seyi’s efforts have led to the introduction of precision agriculture methods through remote monitoring and drone remote sensing to increase efficiency.  Previously, he founded an infrastructure contracting company based in Washington, DC. He actively participates as a mentor with Grooming Leaders For Agriculture (GLA), an agricultural incubator empowering the youth to reach their highest career goals through education, hands-on training, mentoring, leadership and entrepreneurship.  Seyi is a graduate of the University of Chicago with a degree in economics.

African Futures Fund by Jessica Berlin, Germany (ADEL 2017)

The African Futures Fund is a concept that evolved from a Networking Conference to a whole ecosystem dedicated to entrepreneurship. The idea is to bring together all elements necessary to create an African entrepreneur network. The fund’s goal is to cut ties with traditional aid mechanisms and establish an “inclusive innovation ecosystem” that brings together all actors (partners and participants from public and private sectors) that goes beyond major African economies to reach its pan-African ambition, taking into consideration the potential input of disadvantaged young entrepreneurs. Moreover, the AFF aims to establish an African made database that will be a reference for future projects.

About Jessica: Jessica Berlin is the founder and managing director of CoStruct, a strategy consultancy working at the intersection of business, technology, and economic development. CoStruct consults public, private, and nonprofit organizations on innovation strategy, program design for tech and entrepreneurship initiatives, and market entry in emerging and frontier markets.

An international policy expert turned entrepreneur, Jessica's passion for advancing sustainable business and tech solutions stems from her prior work in security, foreign policy, and development aid. She has lived and worked in Afghanistan, China, Germany, Myanmar, Rwanda, the UK, and the US. Her crosscutting experience gives her unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of building international partnerships to address interconnected global challenges.

In addition to founding CoStruct, Jessica is co-founder of MakerNet, an international consortium fostering networked local manufacture and digital design; BerLink, a business consortium linking the Berlin tech ecosystem to emerging innovation ecosystems in other countries; and Die Brückenbauer, a nonprofit initiative scaling economic and cultural inclusion programs to underprivileged communities in Germany. She holds an M.Sc. in Political Economy of Emerging Markets from King's College London and a B.A. in International Relations from Tufts University.