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Otaviano Canuto Dos Santos Filho

Executive Director at the Executive Board of Directors of the World Bank Group and its Affiliates, The World Bank Group, Brazil

Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center, principal at Center for Macroeconomics and Development and non-resident fellow at Brookings Institute.


Former Vice President and Executive Director at the World Bank, Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Vice President at the Inter-American Development Bank. He was also Deputy Minister for international affairs at Brazil’s Ministry of Finance, as well as professor of economics at University of São Paulo (USP) and University of Campinas (UNICAMP).

Jorge Castañeda

Global distinguished professor, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, Mexico

Former Foreign Minister of Mexico (2000-03), political scientist and author of more than 15 books on geopolitics.


Regular columnist for the Mexican daily El Financiero, the Spanish daily El País and The New York Times. In 1997, he was appointed Global Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies at New York University. Board member of Human Rights Watch (HRW) since 2003.

Vandana Chandra

Former Senior Economist, The World Bank Group, North America

Former economist in the World Bank’s Economic Policy and Debt Department of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network.


Member of a study team working on African Competitiveness in Simple, Light Manufactured Products and Editor of the volume « Technology, Adaptation and Exports: How Some Developing Countries Did It », with 10 case studies from different sectors - agriculture, horticulture, floriculture, forestry, fishery, electronics and software.

Gordon Conway

Professor, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Professor of International Development, Imperial College London, and Senior Advisor, Malabo Montpellier Panel.


Former President of the Rockefeller Foundation (1998-2004), Chief Scientific Adviser to DFID and President of the Royal Geographical Society (2004-09), Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex. Trained in agricultural ecology, he was a pioneer of sustainable agriculture developing integrated pest management programs for the State of Sabah in Malaysia. Author of One Billion Hungry: Can we Feed the World? (2012).

Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko

Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture African Union Commission (AUC)

H.E. Madam Josefa Leonel Correia Sacko, an Angolan national, is a leading African Agronomist. She was elected as the new Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture of the African Union Commission.


Prior to that, She was a Special Adviser to two Ministers in Angola, her home country: the Angolan Minister of Environment where she also served as Ambassador responsible for Climate Change. In the Department of the minister of Agriculture Mme Sacko oversaw Food Security, Eradication of Hunger and Poverty Reduction. The former Secretary General of the Inter African Coffee Organization (IACO) for 13 years in Cote D’Ivoire where she represented Coffee economy for 25 African Coffee producing countries. During her tenure, she successfully advocated for the empowerment of small scale coffee farmers across the continent by setting up Regional Centres of Excellence for Capacity Building of Member States, on Genetic Material Conservation, Coffee Quality Improvement and Cup Tasting Liquor in Cote d’Ivoire, Uganda, Camero on and Zambia. Madam Sacko is one of the African Women Africa should be proud of, and she has built up her international profile and reputation by working with Regional, Global Institutional on Agriculture and many other sectors supported by World Trade Organization (WTO), African Union (AU), International Coffee Organization (ICO), African Development Bank (AFDB), African Bank for Export and Import (AFREXIMBANK), (FAO), UNECA, NEPAD etc. The other notable cooperation/partnerships she has worked with include the Regional Economic Communities (RECS), namely, SADC, COMESA, ECOWAS and EAC, where she has actively participated to address the challenges encountered by small scale farmers in Africa, ensuring that they remain a central focus in regional and national policy making for development. Madam Sacko speaks fluent Portuguese, French, English, Spanish and Lingala.


President, Fondation Forum de Bamako, Mali

President of the national committee in charge of organizing the Africa-France Summit that took place on January 2017 in Bamako, founder in 2001 of the think tank Bamako Forum, rebranded as Foundation Forum of Bamako.


He launched the executive MBA program sponsored by the  Quebec university in Montreal (UQAM) in Mali, then extended it to found the IHEM in March 2000 in Bamako, the first private institute to offer high level certified trainings in partnership with foreign universities. 

Igor Dabik

Senior Consultant, Deloitte, Macedonia

Senior Consultant at Deloitte in Washington DC.


His primary focus is on investment banking and project finance in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Advisor for a variety of governments and private clients on transactions involving real assets, including high-speed rail, urban transit systems, seaports, liquid natural gas (LNG), upstream oil and gas, toll roads, water infrastructure, conventional/renewable power, and social infrastructures. Former investor and developer at Enviva Partners LP and project finance associate at Taylor-deJongh, an emerging markets investment advisory firm.

Jean Francois Daguzan

Deputy Director, Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS), France


Richard Danziger

Regional Director, West & Central Africa, International Organization for Migration (IOM), Germany

Regional Director of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for West and Central Africa since January 2016.


He Works for the IOM since 1994 and was previously Chief of Mission in Afghanistan (2013-16). He contributed to initiating the Bali Process on migrant smuggling, human trafficking and the related transnational crime. He was also a founding member of the steering committee of the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GIFT) and Chair of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Council on Illicit Trade and Organized Crime. He is now a member of the WEF’s Board on the future of migration.

Jessica De Alba-Ulloa

Research associate, Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI), Mexico

Professor at Universidad Anahuac Mexico and Senior associate of the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations (COMEXI).


O’Gorman Fellow ILAS-Columbia University (NY), Fulbright alumna, SUSI program on National Security & Policymaking. Member of the Anahuac Center for Research in IR (CAIRI) and CADMOS (Faculté Jean Monnet, Paris Sud-Saclay, France). Director of Liaison of the Mexican International Studies Association (AMEI), member of the International Studies Association (ISA). Former advisor to the Undersecretary of Mexican Foreign Affairs Ministry, to the Commissioner of the National Immigration Institute and Delegate of the Mexican mission to UNESCO.