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Emmanuel Lubanzadio

Manager for Global Government Relations (Germany)

Emmanuel Lubanzadio is a German Public Policy professional with roots in the DRC. He is currently employed as Manager for Global Government Relations in the healthcare industry and will be transitioning to the Technology Sector in the capacity of Public Policy Manager for the region Sub-Saharan Africa.


Emmanuel has held various positions in the realm of Public Policy within the following institutions; Fresenius Group, US Congress, Center for International Private Enterprise, and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in both Germany and Ghana. Emmanuel holds a B.A. in International Relations from the Oral Roberts University (USA), a Graduate Certificate in Applied Politics from the George Washington University (USA) and a M.A. in Development Studies from Maastricht University (NL).

Doreen Mashu

Development Consultant, Founder of The Good Heritage (Zimbabwe)

Doreen Mashu is a development consultant and founder of The Good Heritage, a consumer goods company which targets African climate-smart forest resources to bring healthful products to global consumers.


She is currently a consultant at the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank where she advances issues in SME and women financing. Her previous professional experience includes a 10-year career advising clients in the consumer goods and agriculture sectors in the United States, Nigeria and Côte d'Ivoire on audit and mergers & acquisitions issues. She obtained an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management where she was also a fellow at MIT’s Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship in 2018. She holds a Certificate in Sustainability from MIT.

Ruth Mariana Mejía Padilla

CEO, Global Center for Social Strategy (Mexico)

With 14 years of experience in youth, international affairs, social and human development, she has worked in municipal, state and federal government. She has designed, developed and coordinated public policy projects at the local, national and international level.


She implemented the Social Entrepreneurship initiative with Harvard University and the MIT, as well as various international forums on migration, employment and the SDGs.

Currently CEO and co-founder of the Global Center for Social Strategy and previously Director of the International Affairs of the Mexican Youth Institute.

Lawyer from the University of Guadalajara, specializing in Public Administration and Policies. Jalisco Youth Award (2012), she has studied leadership, global competitiveness, entrepreneurship and youth at Georgetown University, Harvard, Dowling College and the Autonomous University of Mexico.

Adauto Modesto Junior

Chief Economist, Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG, Brazil)

Adauto is currently serving as chief economist at the BDMG in the Southeast region of Brazil.


With ten years of experience in the public sector, he has also served as special Advisor and Deputy Chief of Public Policy Analysis at the Presidency of the Brazilian Republic and Deputy Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Planning. He  holds a degree in economics from the University of Sao Paulo and a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard Kennedy School.

Sarala Morusupalli

Founder & Treasurer, EmpowerLife & U.S. Democratic Party (USA)

Sarala S. Morusupalli is the founder of EmpowerLife, an organization that works to achieve gender equality. One of the initiatives she is presently working on is the development of a campaign against domestic and gender violence in consultation with the Government of India. She was a recipient of the White House USOW Change-makers Award in 2016


She also has experience in law, election security and politics, and has worked on numerous political campaigns in the U.S, including the Hillary for America presidential campaign. In 2017, she was elected as Legal Counsel for the Democratic Party Abroad (Democrats Abroad India) and in 2018, she served as Director of the Minnesota Election Protection Program for the Democratic Party (MN-DFL). Her work at present focuses on ensuring voter rights and American interests are protected at home and abroad, and on advancing the security of the 2020 U.S. elections. In addition to this, she is a Disability Rights/Youth Epilepsy Awareness Advocate for the Epilepsy Foundation of America, a Chicago Council of Global Affairs NextGen leader, and in the past has worked for organizations like the Israel Democracy Institute and The Advocates for Human Rights and has published her research arguing for a stronger NATO/BRICS alliance. She has used her experiences to speak and represent the U.S. at various events globally, and loves to help elevate women and youth voices. She hopes to continue to advocate for young people, and to focus on the positive impact that strong human and gender rights can have on election security and democracies. 

Juan Diego Mujica Filippi

Researcher, Harvard Law School (Peru)

Juan Diego is a lawyer and academic interested in how corporations can solve social and environmental problems. He is currently the chief coordinator of the “Fourth Sector Policy Initiative” by the Ibero-American General Secretariat and UNDP. 


He graduated first of his class at Universidad de Lima (Peru) and holds a Master of Law (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School, where he specialized in corporate responsibility, for-benefit organizations and SGDs. Before his LL.M., Juan Diego practiced in the corporate and real estate areas of García Sayán Abogados, a preeminent Peruvian law firm. He is the author of several publications regarding the Benefit Corporation legal model in Latin America. Juan Diego is also the author and lead advocate of the #LeyBIC draft bill, which was discussed in the Peruvian Congress during the 2019 session, creating a Peruvian version of the Benefit Corporation model.

Gwen Ngwenya

CEO, Techpol (South Africa)

Gwen Ngwenya is CEO of Techpol, a policy and public affairs advisory. Prior to this she was Head of Policy and a Member of Parliament in the national legislature of South Africa. 


Her previous experience includes Chief Operating Officer at the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR). She has also worked in India as an economist covering the pharmaceutical and airline industries, where she was recruited as an analyst by Bloomberg, thus moving from New Delhi to London before moving back to South Africa again to the Johannesburg office.

She has degrees from the University of Cape Town (BSocSc) and Université Paris XII (International Economics), where she wrote her thesis on "Optimal Cartel Policy in India".

Brent Oglesby

Lieutenant Commander, NSD-S HUB (USA)

LCDR Brent Oglesby is a United States Naval Foreign Area Officer who is currently assigned to the Comprehensive Research and Analysis Section of the NATO Strategic Direction – South HUB (NSD-S HUB) as an African Security Affairs Analyst.


Prior to this he served as the Chief of the Office of Security Cooperation at the United States Embassy (USEMB) in Côte d’Ivoire, where he managed U.S. Africa Command’s (AFRICOM) training and engagement portfolio with the Ivoirian military. Additional previous assignments include USEMB Cairo, and deployments to Djibouti, Ghana, and Liberia. 

LCDR Oglesby has a master’s degree in National Security Affairs from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School and is proficient in French and Portuguese.

Antonella Pelizzari Eyheramonho

Advisor on International Affairs to the Secretary of Strategic Affairs in the Office of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina (Argentina)

She has worked in the G20 Leaders’ Summit, the Mercosur-UE Agreement, the WTO ministerial meeting, the UN General Assemblies, as well as more than 140 high-level bilateral meetings between Argentina and over 50 foreign governments.


She was actively involved in developing the priorities of the G20 agenda, mostly around gender issues, on which she has a keen interest. Antonella’s previous professional experience includes working in International Organizations (ILO and ECLAC), as well as teaching, researching and coordinating academic programs. She is a member of the Latin American Committee in CARI, the main think-tank in Argentina and volunteers in non-profit organizations. She completed her MA in International Relations at Universidad del Salvador (2015) and the Global Competitiveness Leadership Program at Georgetown University (2019).

Maximo Plo Seco

Business Development and Client Engagement Manager, Diversity Atlas at Cultural Infusion (Spain)

Máximo Plo is the Business Development Manager of Cultural Infusion for Europe. He focuses on building intercultural harmony with the Diversity Atlas, a tool that organizations use to the discover the diversity they have.  


In 2018, Máximo studied a M.Ed of Human Development and Psychology at Harvard University thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. During that time, he consulted for the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program, designing a teacher evaluation tool for the Ministry of Education of Côte d’Ivoire and writing a case study that was read by ministers about Criança Feliz, the largest home-visiting program in the world.

Máximo has two bachelors in Law and Economics from UC3M and a MA of Economics from the College of Europe. He has specialized in basic income and the future of work. He has been a risk advisory consultant for Deloitte. He was an invited speaker of the World Social Forum in Tunis and a fellow of the Learner’s Voice Program of WISE. He was a grassroots organizer about social and economic justice. Máximo speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Galician.