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ADEL Alumni Publications - Opinions

As Nigeria Goes to the Polls

Ibraheem Sanusi,ADEL 2018 | 14.02.2018 Read The Publication

Davos through the lens of a Global Shaper

Veronique Hob Hob,ADEL 2015 | 11.02.2019 Read The Publication

How Civil Society in Davos is Makin Sure No One Gets Left Behind

Lisa Ventura,ADEL 2017 | 26.02.2019 Read The Publication

Managing Water Demand through Prices: Challenges and Opportunities

Ahmed Rachid El Khattabi,ADEL 2018 | 22.03.2019 Read The Publication

How Can Africa Play an Important Role in Reinventing Farming?

Hamzka Rkha Chaham,ADEL 2018 | 03.04.2019 Read The Publication

Africa's electricity Crisis: The case of South Africa

Nchimunya Hamukoma,ADEL 2018 | 09.04.2019 Read The Publication

The Rise of Right-wing parties: The case of Spain

Aleksandra Chmielewska,ADEL 2018 | 15.04.2019 Read The Publication

Senegal’s Presidential Elections: a Test to the Country’s Democratic Credentials

Mayecor Sar,ADEL 2015 | 18.04.2019 Read The Publication


Ghita El Kasri,ADEL 2018 | 22.04.2019 Read The Publication


Joseph Hammond,ADEL 2018 | 25.04.2019 Read The Publication

European Elections

Thomas Richter,ADEL 2018 | 27.05.2019 Read The Publication

Gender Equality in the African union

Naakoshie Mills,ADEL 2016 | 31.05.2019 Read The Publication

President Jair Bolsonaro- expectations and outputs of his two last trips to US & Chile

Raphael Camargo,ADEL 2015 | 26.06.2019 Read The Publication

Women in Leadership: lack of executives in Africa

Chika Uwazie,ADEL 2018 | 09.07.2019 Read The Publication

The Misunderstood World of Cybersecurity in Africa

Amanda Mathe,Visionary Leader 2017 | 10.07.2019 Read The Publication

The Entrepreneurial South African State: An Analysi sof Current Government Action to Stimulate Innovation and recommendations for fuuture policy and initiatives

Sandiso Sibisi,ADEL 2017 | 17.07.2019 Read The Publication

Knowledge Production for the Africa We Want

Rumbidzai Chisenga,ADEL 2017 | 23.07.2019 Read The Publication

Comment renforcer la compétitvité des startups africaines

Richard Seshie,ADEL 2017 | 26.07.2019 Read The Publication

The role of Diasopora in Africa's development

Tosin Duratoye,ADEL 2018 | 31.07.2019 Read The Publication

The New Europe-Africa Partnership

Mahaut De Fougières,ADEL 2018 | 06.08.2019 Read The Publication

In Trouble with Gulf Patrols

Joseph Hammond,ADEL 2018 | 17.09.2019 Read The Publication

Youth South South Cooperation Across Boundaries to Build a Youthful Peace

Leonardo Parraga,ADEL 2016 | 24.08.2019 Read The Publication

Bringing Industry 4.0 to everyone? Hold that thought…

Morten Seja,ADEL 2016 | 01.11.2019 Read The Publication

Harnessing the Diaspora for Africa's Socio-Economic Development

Naakoshie Mills,ADEL 2016 | 24.12.2019 Read The Publication

Maraphones in South Africa: Intra Trade and Development in Africa

Amanda Mathe,ADEL 2017 | 03.04.2020 Read The Publication

The Global Challenges of Illicit Financial Flows

Seleman Kitenge,ADEL 2017 | 30.03.2020 Read The Publication

PPF blog 1- Le Leadership féminin

Patricia Ahanda,ADEL 2018 | 24.01.2020 Read The Publication

PPF blog 2- Can poverty be reversed?

Carolina Zuheill Rosales,ADEL 2018 | 01.04.2020 Read The Publication

PPF blog 3- Global problem local approaches to counter violent extremism

Seleman Kitenge,ADEL 2018 | Read The Publication

PPF blog 4- Gender and the New Economy

Asmaa Guedira,ADEL 2017 | 04.03.2020 Read The Publication

PPF blog 5- Preventing Gender violence through AI

Amilcar Romero,ADEL 2017 | 11.02.2020 Read The Publication

Venezuela: What's Next

Julian Colombo,ADEL 2018 | 06.02.2019 Read The Publication

Outbreaks of misinformation: science communication in a pandemic

Joana Flores, ADEL 2019 | 10.04.2020 Read The Publication

How to Help Small and Medium Enterprises during the Coronavirus Tsunami of Destruction

Francisco Cordoba Otalora, ADEL 2019 | 15.04.2020 Read The Publication

Impact of COVID-19 on Kenya's Economic Development

Sahil Shah, ADEL 2019 | 15.04.2020 Read The Publication

Covid-19: Why Gender Should be Factored in Post-Covid Responses

Aleksandra Chimliewska, ADEL 2018 | 17.04.2020 Read The Publication

The United States: Poverty, Race, and Healthcare in the Face of COVID-19

Naakoshie Mills | 24.04.2020 Read The Publication

Coronavirus Spreads Climate Hope : Lessons from Washington state

Jordan Kronen, ADEL 2019 | 27.04.2020 Read The Publication

The Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism

Paola Maniga, ADEL 2016 | 29.04.2020 Read The Publication

Between the Virus and the Economy: the Situation of Argentina in Times of Covid-19

Julian Colombo, ADEL 2018 & Antonella Pelizzari, ADEL 2019 | 04.05.2020 Read The Publication

International Development and the Private Sector in the Coronavirus Outbreak

Adil El Madani | 20.05.2020 Read The Publication

Covid-19 and the Implementation of The SDGs in Africa

Kwamboka Kiangoi, ADEL 2019 | 22.05.2020 Read The Publication

For Ambition Equal to our Moment of Multi-crisis Emergency: “Six Months” to Build a Global Investment Drive in Modern and Affordable Energy Systems

Iskander Erzini Vernoit , ADEL 2019 | 07.06.2020 Read The Publication

The Role of Eco-Industrial Parks in Environmentally-Responsible Economic Growth

Nadia Makara Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Alumna (2018) | 03.06.2021 Read The Publication

Opening Science Through the Decolonization of Knowledge

Bushra Ebadi Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Alumna (2019) | 03.06.2021 Read The Publication

Angela Merkel: il était une fois une femme leader sur la scène internationale

Patricia Ahanda | 26.10.2021 Read The Publication

Weathering the Changing Needs to Regulate Financial Inclusion

Morten Seja , Omair Azam , Charlie Knight , Hadley Hilgenhurst | 20.12.2021 Read The Publication

Green Finance Taxonomies: Measuring which Economic Activities Deserve to be Called Green

Morten Seja* , Hadley Hilgenhurst , Charlie Knight | 25.01.2022 Read The Publication

How Can Data Collection Help Inclusive Green Finance?

Morten Seja* , Charlie Knight , Hadley Hilgenhurst , Amlan Banerjee , Omair Azam | 31.01.2022 Read The Publication