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Multimedia 2017

▸ Best Off, Atlantic Dialogues Day 2 Afternoon



▸ Launch of the 4th Edition of the Atlantic Currents: An Annual Report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns


▸ AD Connect

▸ Welcome Remarks

▸ Opening Conversation: Africa Owns Its Narratives

▸ One Minute Idea Pitch, Five Emerging Leaders

▸ Plenary I: The State of the World Economy and its Implications for Development

▸ Plenary II: Exploiting the Economic Potential of Africa and its Global Links

▸ Plenary III: Agricultural Policy and Technological Change in Africa

▸ Plenary IV: Bridging Africa’s Financing gap: New Actors, Longstanding Challenges

▸ Plenary V: Re-Designing education systems: What Skillsets for the jobs of tomorrow

▸ Plenary VI: The Geopolitics of Africa and the Superpowers

▸ Plenary VII:  Financing Infrastructures: Time for a Big Push in Africa

▸ In-Focus Session: Energy-mix to Accelerate Africa’s Development

▸ Plenary VIII: Security in the Sahel and Transatlantic Implications


▸ In-Focus Session: Migration, Economics and Security


▸ In-Focus Session: Migration, Economics and Security (In French)


▸ In-Focus Session: Jobless Growth (In French)


▸ Plenary IX: Lessons from Foreign Military Interventions in Africa

 AD Talk: Building South-South Partnerships for Development and Security


▸ Plenary X: Development of Africa: Insights from Latin American Presidents (In Spanish)

Closing Plenary: Innovative Solutions to Complex Challenges: Perspectives of Emerging Leaders

▸ Closing Remarks