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Atlantic Dialogues 2016

The Atlantic Dialogues, a joint initiative of The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the OCP Policy Center of Morocco, is an annual high-level gathering of influential public- and private-sector leaders from around the Atlantic Basin for open, informal discussion on cross-regional issues. 

Launched in 2012, The Atlantic Dialogues has reached a milestone since it has been running for half a decade. With the initial vision to underscore the growing importance of Africa and Latin America as actors in the Atlantic space by transforming their mindsets, this edition will provide an opportunity to cement the conference’s vision. To this end, we chose for this year the following theme Changing Mental Maps: Strategies for an Atlantic in Transition.

Over four annual editions, the Atlantic Dialogues has brought together a diverse group of leaders to debate issues of significance for the Atlantic as a whole, north and south — and the Atlantic’s links to the global scene. Under the theme of Changing Mental Maps: Strategies for an Atlantic in Transition, we will meet again in December 2016 in Marrakesh to consider the political, economic and security developments reshaping societies and relationships on all four of the Atlantic’s continents. The challenges are stark, from the rise of populist politics and resurgent nationalism, to persistent financial instability and slow growth, from open-ended conflicts and migration pressures, to terrorism and political violence. But against this troubled backdrop, there are also opportunities, from climate diplomacy to the energy revolution, from generational change and an increasingly dynamic workforce to the digital revolution and innovations in agriculture, infrastructure and governance. Are common strategies possible? What new approaches are needed to address the demands of an Atlantic in transition?


The Atlantic Dialogues is designed to create an environment that is conducive to facilitating concrete discussions that lead to actionable outcomes. Sessions are designed to promote frank, interactive, and informal discussion through a mix of plenary panels, smaller breakout sessions, and keynote addresses. The event will foster a network of individuals instilled with a new “mental map” of Atlantic issues, partnerships, and potential. This will be achieved through skillfully moderated discussions between the audience and expert discussants.

The Atlantic Dialogues provides an important forum for inclusive dialogue. The format does not allow for speeches during discussions, nor does it allow for formal or seminar-like presentations.

Please note that the official proceedings of the Atlantic Dialogues will be conducted in English and that the conference will be livestreamed on the conference’s website.

Emerging Leaders Program

Through a flagship Leadership program being currently discussed, The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders and The Volunteer Program, OCP Policy Center is dedicated to connecting with rising leaders of future generations.

The OCP Policy Center and the German Marshall Fund of the United States are organizing the 2016 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program, a unique opportunity for rising leaders, taking place December 12th to 16th, 2016, in Marrakesh, Morocco. The program will precede and include The Atlantic Dialogues Conference.