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Beyond the Arab Risings What Kind of Future?

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo, Alessandro Politi , Claire Spencer, Abdulaziz Sager, Karim El Aynaoui , Oumayma Bourhriba, Mahboub E. Hashem, Matt Herbert, Umberto Profazio, Eman Ragab, Brahim Oumansour, Ashraf Mohamed Keshk, Jean-Loup Samaan , Ahmad Masa’deh, Giovanni Romani | November 11, 2021

Since its very beginning in 2011, the Middle East and Deep Maghreb have been a fundamental priority for the Foundation. As this year marks the 10th...

A Regional Connectivity Partnership for the Mediterranean

Raffaele Della Croce, Karim El Aynaoui , Youssef El Jai , Alessandro Gili , Alin Horj , Murat Kenanoğlu, Carlo Secchi | September 29, 2021

Changes in global value chains and reshoring trends brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic represent an opportunity for sustainable and inclusive...