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Des émergents au défi du « retour de la géopolitique » - 3ème édition

Event date : December 03, 2015

This TV program came as a result of the third edition of the Ifri-OCPPC Roundtables, a biannual seminar jointly organized by OCP Policy Center and the French Institute for International Relations (Ifri), which brings together researchers, as well as public and private sector experts interested in the challenges and opportunities of economic development in the face of an ever-changing geopolitical order.

The third edition took place in Rabat on December 3rd and 4th 2015, and examined the link between economic development in the context of a “return of geopolitics”. Six case-studies were examined, namely Ethiopia, India, South Africa, Mexico, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Vietnam, with a juxtaposition of both the economic and geopolitical perspectives.

The TV program that ensued, and that is featured hereby, brought together some of the roundtable speakers to further discuss the concept of “emergence”, and share their thoughts and expertise on the matter.