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Ihssane Guennoun

Intern at OCP Policy Center from 17th June 2014 to 15th August 2014

During the work that I had to complete, I was free to come up with new ideas about how to achieve if more efficiently. The team was also welcoming any proposal when relevant about improving some elements at OCP Policy Center. Therefore, I was able to develop a sense of autonomy which is very important for anyone looking to improve his leadership skills.

The OCP Policy Center has many partners whether in Morocco or abroad that I was indirectly in contact with. Thanks to that, I was able to broaden my professional network which is always a good thing for someone interested in International Relations.

As for my personal development, I can say that I have learnt a lot about the wide breadth of topics that the OCP Policy Center focuses on. Whether about African development, transatlantic cooperation, American politics, sustainable growth, or international macroeconomics etc, I could feed my intellectual curiosity thanks to the different tasks that I had to undertake during my internship.

Moreover, as I was involved in the elaboration of the first edition of the Atlantic Currents; An annual report on Wider Atlantic Perspectives and Patterns, I had to be more self-demanding in order to provide the best I could. 

My participation in elaborating the Atlantic Currents also taught me how to better collect data and how to analyze and interpret it.”

- Regarding your past experience, what advice would you give to the future interns, in order to make the best out of their time spent at the Policy Center?

“I would start by saying that no matter what tasks you will be undertaking during your internship, you will gain a unique experience in Morocco.

OCP Policy Center team members are real hard-worker and each minute is valuable. Therefore, you will never be bored staring at your screen and you will always have something to do. It might happen that your internship supervisor is so busy that he forgets to give you new tasks, do not hesitate to ask him for it!

More generally, I would advise you to feel comfortable during your internship. All OCP Policy Center team is very kind and open minded, so do not be shy to share your thoughts and remarks about various issues.

Never forget to be creative; OCP Policy Center is quite a new structure and will always be sensitive to your ideas about how to improve.  

I hope that you will have this amazing opportunity and I will be happy to answer your questions should you have any. “

- What has the internship experience brought you in terms of Leadership, networking and personal development?

“During my internship at OCP Policy Center, every day was a great memory. I had the chance to be surrounded by a great team which contributed to making me enjoy my internship better. It was very enriching experience on different levels.

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