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Hamza Alami Hassani

Intern at OCP Policy Center from 17th June, 2014 to 15th August, 2014


- What has the internship experience brought you in terms of Leadership, networking and personal development?

“My intern position at OCP Policy Center has been rewarding, both in terms of general knowledge and technical skills.

The job of an event officer requires many skills in terms of relational, management, discipline and communication… indeed, to carry out a mission, one is required to have numerous qualifications such as autonomy, responsibility and above all time optimization. “


- Regarding your past experience, what advice would you give to the future interns, in order to make the best out of their time spent at the Policy Center?

“OCP Policy Center is a think tank which aims to function as a platform for open and informed debate. Considered as a center for intellectual stimulation, the Policy Center brings together experts and produces studies and proposals in various areas: sustainable agriculture, food security, environment and macroeconomic policies.

For those who wish to gain experience in a research institute, OCP Policy Center is the ideal organization. The internship is animated by direct contact with researchers and the exploration of working conditions of the research field in a suitable environment. “

- What is the best memory you kept of your time spent as an intern at OCP Policy Center?

“My sense of belonging to OCP Policy Center has awakened my motivation. My expectations were being met by my senses of responsibility and curiosity. Throughout my internship, I gained experience that changed my vision of employment in a think tank in general and encouraged me to invest myself more every day in order to take initiatives, to prove my value and improve my trainee status.”

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