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Dominique Bocquet

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Economics, History, Finance 

Dominique Bocquet is a graduate of Sciences-Po, a graduate of history and a former student of ENA. He is a member of the Editorial Board of the French Review Commentaire and Knight of the Legion of Honor. He lectures at Sciences Po and the ENA and is active in several European think tanks. 

He is the author of several books and reports, including "Génération Europe" (Editions François Bourin, 1989), in collaboration with Philippe Delleur; "France and Germany, a couple running out of ideas" (Notes from the Saint-Simon Foundation, 1996); What economic efficiency for Lomé? "(Report for the Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry, June 1998)" Bringing the EDF into the EU’s Budget, a step forward in modernizing aid "(Report for the Minister for the Economy, Finance and Industry, July 2003). He also published a book on OECD, Reasoned Globalization, The Discreet Revolutions of OECD (La Documentation française, Paris, 2012).