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Rethinking the Moroccan Economy

The Policy Center for the New South takes an in-depth look at how to get the national economy off the ground and give a new impetus to the national production system, whose signs of running out of steam are ultimately affecting the social balance of the country. The key is to transform the productive system and move towards modern sectors of activity with higher added value. Moreover, it is crucial to work towards the implementation of a quality education system to make it a vector for social ascension and the distribution of growth dividends to all social classes, while putting in place the foundations of an economic system that prioritizes respect for the environment. To this end, the Policy Center for the New South focuses on structural transformation, economic integration and trade partnership frameworks, energy transition and climate change, labor market and human capital dynamics, sectoral policy design and macroeconomic policy.

Subprograms :

- Economic Trends and Macroeconomic Regulation
- Energy Transition and Climate Change
- Labor Market and Education
- Trade and Integration
- Sectoral Policies, Research and Innovation