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Maximo Plo Seco

First, it is facilitated by the Policy Center for the New South, with the idea of putting the Global South’s agenda in the first page, something which is very much needed to create a balanced and cohesive world. Second, the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program is extremely well curated, you will learn a lot, but you will also feel really well taken care of. Third, it is a program committed to creating an engaged community; your ideas and initiatives will be listened to, you will meet fantastic peers, and you will become part of a dynamic group that is heartily striving to solve the challenges of our time.

Plo Seco
Titre Adel Community: 
Director of Operations for Europe, Diversity Atlas, Cultural Infusion

If you are committed to universal wellbeing, you need to find those people and communities that are committed as well. The Atlantic Dialogues is one of these communities, but with some particularities.

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