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Maximo Plo Seco

Last year, Máximo studied a M.Ed of Human Development and Psychology at Harvard University thanks to a Fulbright Scholarship. During that time, he consulted for the Harvard Ministerial Leadership Program, designing a teacher evaluation tool for the Ministry of Education of Côte d’Ivoire and writing a case study that was read by ministers about Criança Feliz, the largest home-visiting program in the world.
Máximo has two bachelors in Law and Economics from UC3M and a MA of Economics from the College of Europe. He has specialized in basic income and the future of work. He has been a risk advisory consultant for Deloitte. He was an invited speaker of the World Social Forum in Tunis and a fellow of the Learner’s Voice Program of WISE. He was a grassroots organizer about social and economic justice. Máximo speaks fluently English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Galician.

Plo Seco
Titre Adel Community: 
Business Development and Client Engagement Manager, Diversity Atlas at Cultural Infusion.

Máximo Plo is the Business Development Manager of Cultural Infusion for Europe. He focuses on building intercultural harmony with the Diversity Atlas, a tool that organizations use to the discover the diversity they have.

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