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Jordan Kronen, ADEL 2019

The Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program is exactly that and more. I now have an extended family of young professionals hailing from all over the world, one more inspiring than the next, whom I continuously collaborate, learn from, and entrust. These emerging leaders are truly what makes this program dynamic and unique and our time together was both instructive and stimulating. Through thought-provoking seminars, interactive leadership exercises, and reflective, mindful sessions, we spoke candidly and honestly about what leadership should look like, how it should operate, and whom it should serve. I came back from the program more eager than ever to try and make a difference in my community. I enthusiastically recommend the ADEL program to anyone who is interested in geo-politics concentrated on the Global South, self-growth both personally and professionally, and becoming a part of an alumni network driven to change the world for the better.

Kronen, ADEL 2019
Titre Adel Community: 
Legislative Assistant Washington State for Senator Liz Lovelett, Washington State Senate

It is not every day that one gets to experience a program exposing them to unparalleled insights from world leaders, discussing hot topics and global trends with expert panels, and an opportunity to interact with like-minded young change makers motivated for good.

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