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Antonella Pelizzari

 I was part of the 2019 cohort, where I have learned and shared with an amazing group of outstanding changemakers who seek to expand the scope of the dynamics between our societies, especially among those from Latin America and Africa. In this sense, it was an empowering experience to immerse myself in the cultural differences of the Atlantic community pursuing what enriches and strengthens us all.n particular, I was completely amazed by the strong, diligent and inspiring women that have been gathered during this program and the stories they shared, both participants and speakers but also the Policy Center for the New South's ADEL organizng team.

Pelizzari, ADEL 2019
Titre Adel Community: 
Advisor on International Affairs to the Secretary of Strategic Affairs, Office of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina

The ADEL Program offers a unique opportunity to build a strong and diverse network with the emerging leaders from the Atlantic basin, as well as to engage with high-level senior officials, business leaders, academics, opinion shapers and the most relevant civil society actors.

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