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Sovereign wealth funds, major actors in the world economy

Henri-Louis Vedie | May 29, 2020

Our senior Fellow, Henri Louis Védie has published in “Politique internationale” magazine, N 167, autumn 2020, an article entitled "Sovereign...

Does the Brazilian policy for oil revenues distribution foster investment in human capital?

Otaviano Canuto | May 21, 2020

Our senior fellow, Otaviano Canuto, has contributed to Science Direct academic Journal, with a research paper entitled « Does the Brazilian policy...

Les Systèmes Bancaires des Pays Arabes Sud-Méditerranéens

Larabi Jaidi | May 18, 2020

L'environnement dans lequel fonctionnent les systèmes financiers des pays arabes du Sud de la Méditerranée (PASM)1 a changé ces deux dernières...

Water content in trade: a regional analysis for Morocco

Eduardo A. Haddad , Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub , Vinicius A. Vale | April 24, 2020

This paper aims at evaluating the virtual water content in trade in an intra-country perspective and discussing potential tradeoffs between the use...

The Grand Tour: Keynes and Goodwin go to Greece

Eduardo A. Haddad , Natalia Cotarelli, Thiago Cavalcante Simonato, Vinicius Almeida Vale, Jaqueline Coelho Visentin | April 18, 2020

The impact of the crisis in the Greek economy was not uniform among the regions, threatening socioeconomic cohesion. In this paper, we explore the...

The Making of a SuperPower: How China Uses Crises to Deepen and Extend Power and Influence, in Europe & the World

Len Ishmael | April 09, 2020

Our Senior Fellow, Len Ishmael has contributed to the Quarterly Journal by Beyond the Horizon ISSG (Volume 3 Issue 1), under the theme « Influencing...

The Case for Regional Policy: Design and Evaluation

Eduardo A. Haddad , Carlos R. Azzoni | February 15, 2020

Is regional policy necessary? If so, under what circumstances? The first part of the chapter discusses the rationale behind the existence of (or the...

World Trading System under Stress: Scenarios for the Future

Mehmet Sait Akman, Uri Dadush , Shiro Armstrong, Anabel Gonzalez, Fukunari Kimura, Junji Nakagawa, Peter Rashish, Akihiko Tamura, Carlos A. Primo Braga | February 09, 2020

In the context of his role as chair of the T20 task force « Trade, Investment and Globalization », our senior fellow, Uri Dadush has led the T20...

Accessibility in the regional CGE framework: the effects of major transport infrastructure investments in Poland

Eduardo A. Haddad , Bartlomiej Rokicki, Jonathan M. Horridge, Marcin Stępniak | January 04, 2020

Since its EU accession, Poland has invested strongly in the development of fast road transport network. As a result, the total length of modern, high...