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Regional tensions over the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Sara Hasnaa Mokaddem & Mohammed Loulichki | 16 Apr 2021

It has been a decade now since the announcement of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, and Ethiopia has recently just confirmed the success of its first phase of filling the Dam’s reservoir during the 2020 rainy season. However, the three Blue Nile countries have still not reached an agreement on the sharing of the Blue Nile waters. In this podcast, Sara Hasnaa Mokaddem, Manager of the Strategic Monitoring and Analysis Unit at the Policy Center for the New South engages in a conversation with Ambassador Mr. Mohamed Loulichki, Senior Fellow at the Policy Center for the New South to discuss the difficulties and the challenges of the ongoing negotiation process and the opportunities for a way forward?

Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Leadership

Lilia Rizk & Chika Uwazie (ADEL) | 14 Apr 2021

Data continuously shows that women’s access to management positions in organizations is limited compared to men. This is also true in other sectors and at all levels in society. Although the number of women within organizations and in leadership positions may have risen, women do not necessarily have greater power, and the further up the corporate ladder you go, the less women are represented. Research has however shown that organizations with a greater share of women on their board of directors and executives tend to perform better. Having women as leaders and decision makers at all levels is critical to advancing gender justice and gender equality, and to furthering economic, social and political progress for all.

Brazil and Africa: Historic Relations and Future Opportunities

Marcus de Freitas | 14 Apr 2021

This podcast is performed by Marcus de Freitas. Brazil is in a good position to serve as a bridge to Africa and to reignite more cooperation between both sides of the South Atlantic. Brazil has increased its presence in Africa in recent years in terms of trade, investment, development cooperation, and political alliances with the goal to secure a greater say for the global South in the new world order that has been under construction since the of the Cold War. A global Brazil requires a robust partnership with Africa.

Turkey-EU Relations

Eduard Soler | 12 Apr 2016

This podcast is performed by Eduard Soler. This webinar will highlight which are the key elements that favoured the revitalization of Turkey’s accession process to the EU. It will discuss whether this opening is sustainable and what both parties are looking for.

Bridging the Gender Gap: Women in Policy-Making

Scarlett Varga & Nihal El Mquirmi | 7 Apr 2021

There is no doubt that the persistent under-representation of women in politics and in decision-making, and the discrimination they face worldwide impedes them from reaching their full potential. Indeed, women are under-represented in political offices almost everywhere across the globe. While it is true that progress has been made, achieving gender parity in political life is far off. In today's episode, Scarlett Varga, Head of Development at Bruegel, co-founder of the Brussels Binder and an Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader alumna discusses the role of women in policy-making, the challenges they encounter and what can be done to tackle the issue gender imbalance in politics.