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تحديات سوق الشغل المغاربي

Abdelaaziz Ait Ali & Tayeb Ghazi | 7 Jan 2022

يخضع سوق الشغل المغاربي منذ سنوات إلى مجموعة من الضغوطات تخص العرض والطلب إضافة الى ميكانيزمات التنظيم. ونعرض هنا أهمها وأبرز ما ينتج عنها من اختلالات. ومن الممكن ان تتفاقم هذه الاخيرة بعد أن انضافت اليها اثار الجائحة التي سنناقش بعض تجلياتها في سوق الشغل. 

Best of Podcasts 2021

Rim Riouch et Nihal El Mquirmi | 31 Dec 2021

In 2021 we’ve had the opportunity to host more than 50 experts in 60 episodes. We discussed economic, international relations, commodities, energy, gender, and security issues affecting the Global South in general. Our particular focus was on Africa and Morocco. We aimed at capitalizing on a broad network of experts to discuss and exchange perspectives on issues that affect the Global South, but also to go beyond exposing facts and suggest appropriate recommendations and solutions.


Bilan de vingt ans de la diplomatie chinoise en Afrique et apport du FOCAC 2021

Redouan Najah et Rim Riouch | 24 Dec 2021

La chine a réussi à renforcer sa présence en Afrique à travers à la fois ses forums, son initiative de la Route de la Soie et le maintien de la tradition Africa First. Depuis 2000, date du premier FOCAC, la Chine est parvenue à étendre sa présence et son influence sur le continent, en consolidant ses relations avec près de 53 pays africains. Le FOCAC 2021 a apporté de nouvelles orientations, entre autres la lutte solidaire contre la COVID-19, l’approfondissement de la coopération et la promotion d’un développement vert.


International Migrants day - Climate change and forced displacement

Amal El Ouassif and Hamza Mjahed | 17 Dec 2021

Climate change is acknowledged among the powerful forces pushing for human migration. As the climate crisis increases, so will the forced displacement of people. This podcast, recorded on the occasion of the international migrants day, explores the link between climate change and migration and its semantics, the implication of climate-related migration for international security, and provides a set of recommendations on how to address this issue.

Cabo Delgado insurgency and spillover effects on Tanzania

Amal El Ouassif, Seleman Kitenge and Oussama Tayebi | Fri, 10 Dec 2021

The Cabo insurgency constitutes one of the most significant threats to peace and security in Southern Africa subregion. This podcast explores the various challenges the insurgency in this Northern Mozambique province poses for the national security of neighbouring Tanzania as well as the significant human and trade relations shared by the two countries.