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The Economic Impact of Forced Migration

Mona Niebuhr, Uri Dadush | April 22, 2016

The current refugee crisis is a catastrophe affecting millions of families, endangering the stability of nations that are hosts to large numbers of...

The Improving Global Outlook and Morocco

Uri Dadush | December 23, 2015

Global economic growth is likely to be a little better in 2016 than this year’s lackluster outcome. The ongoing slow recovery in the United States...

Diaspora, Development and Morocco

Uri Dadush | November 25, 2015

The contribution that the diaspora makes to development in the country of origin is examined. Drawing on a recent World Bank survey of migrants from...

Trade, Inequality, and Morocco

Uri Dadush | October 27, 2015

This is the era of hyper-globalization and rapid growth. Consumers search on line for the best-priced merchandise from all over the world, and trade...