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The Indian Diaspora in Africa: An instrument of New Delhi’ Soft Power in the Continent

Abdessalam Jaldi | Posted : October 12, 2021

The role played by diasporas in international relations should not be neglected. Bilateral engagements between states can be significantly affected by the practical and perspective relations between the diaspora community and their homeland. In the African context, none has been so deeply incorporated into the economic and social fabric of the continent as the Indian diaspora. Historically symbolized by Gandhi’s emblematic sojourn in South Africa and the participation of Indian indentured laborers in the construction of the Kenya-Uganda railway in East Africa, the Indian diaspora has long been an integral part of all facets of development in many African countries. In 1950, then Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru still advocated the integration of the Indian diaspora in African states. However, after the end of the Cold War, the role of the diaspora within Indian foreign policy was fundamentally reassessed. Recently, India intensified efforts to revamp its relations with Africa, in particular through the Indian diaspora, after decades of neglect. How can Indian diaspora in Africa for the benefit of New Delhi’s Policy?