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Risk Mitigation Tools to Crowd in Private Investment in Green Technologies

Mahmoud Arbouch , Otaviano Canuto , Raffaele Della Croce , Karim El Aynaoui , Youssef El Jai , Miguel Vazquez | September 29, 2021

In order to close the financing gap in green technologies, finding new mechanisms to enhance the participation of the private sector, combined with that of the public sector, in financing sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure is a must. In this context, some unlisted instruments are going to be needed to enhance financing of green infrastructure. Besides, the development of properly structured projects, with risks and returns in line with the preferences of the different types of investors and financial agents that make up the ecosystem of financing sources, would also help to close the private financing gap in infrastructure. The Moroccan infrastructure planning framework gives an example of many implementable mechanisms to facilitate the development of sustainable infrastructure.

This article was originally published by the Think20 (T20).