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Argentina’s Shifting Politics: New Prospects for Collaboration with Africa?

Rafael Benke | December 14, 2016

The government of Argentina’s new president, Mauricio Macri, has many challenges ahead. In the initial 10 months of his government, he has devalued the currency, lifted significant trade and capital barriers, and launched conversations with international investors and creditors, and has changed international perceptions toward Argentina. Macri’s election immediately generated a positive reaction from the private sector toward the new government. However, indicators for 2016 show a weak economy for Argentina. Most estimates expect GDP to shrink by around 1.5 percent this year. In this context, the government will have to be pragmatic in its international agenda, concentrating efforts on policies that will have a direct and short-term impact on its economy and in the consolidation of Argentina’s international credibility. Africa is not on the priority radar screen for Argentina. It is not likely that one will see a structured change on the part of Argentina, seeking a special or strategic relationship with Africa or even specific countries. It may require a move from African countries to invite Argentina to tango.