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Between a tolerable status quo and a disastrous conflict

Helmut Sorge | Posted : December 03, 2021

Not all is quiet on the Chinese/Chinese front. Warships are sailing through the Taiwan Strait. One day, an American missile guided US destroyer, the next a Canadian Frigate, some Chinese submarines, or one of Beijing’s new aircraft carriers. Shadows of a new cold war, possibly turning into an unpredictable escalation. America’s National Public Radio (NPR) reporter Scott Neuman stated (October 6, 2021), “Taiwan says tensions with China are at their worst in 4 decades.”

ADEL Portrait : Joana Ama Osei-Tutu, Gender Without Borders

Sabine Cessou | Posted : December 01, 2021

This young and outspoken Ghanaian citizen, a peace and security expert with a focus on gender, describes herself as “engaging, accomodating and seeking”. Born and raised in Ghana, Joana has a deep knowledge of her country, as her father was transferred a lot throughout his career. Her family has also spent some time in Louisville, Kentucky. As a teenager, her dreams were definitely altruist, as she wanted to become a photojournalist or a human rights lawyer.

Our entire democracy is at risk

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 22, 2021

Richard Blumenthal, the US Democratic Senator from Connecticut, was shaken by the testimonies of top officials of the Department of Justice during the August 2021 Congressional hearings. The Officials recounted how the former President, Donald Trump, through phone and in private meetings, pressured them to falsify the results of the November 2020 Presidential: "say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to the congressmen and me". (”Mother Jones”, July 30, 2021) Blumenthal "was struck by how close the country came to total catastrophe". A coup d’état, attempted by Trump, pressuring the Supreme Court, to invalidate the election results?

Edna Valencia Murillo, a life changed by the Atlantic Dialogues

Sabine Cessou | Posted : November 22, 2021

In her very energetic way and a waterfall of words, Edna Valencia Murillo explains how the Atlantic Dialogues 2019 have been a life changer. At the time of her participation in the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program in 2019, she was a Colombian news anchor for France 24 in Spanish, working from Bogota, a job she left in September 2021 to follow a more independent route. During the pandemic, she has written a book, built her platform “to connect black people in Colombia with African leaders”, and prepared the opening of her cultural center/hair salon, Belleza Negra  - “Black Beauty” in Spanish. In addition to these noteworthy achievements, she has been consulting for Disney Animation Studios since July 2021 on black representation in a movie called Encanto, shot in Colombia.  

Double plus ungood

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 15, 2021

Hisham Aidi chose a diplomatic version for fading freedom, growing populism, mental torture, perversion of truth and imprisonment- turning his Policy Brief "Covid-19 and Digital Repression in Africa" to "democratic retrenchment" and "imperial overreach". No mention of George Orwell's "Science fiction "oeuvre, of which George Parker wrote in "The Atlantic" ( July 2019°): "No novel of the past century has had more influence than George Orwell's "1984". Possibly Aidi did not detect an African nation on the path of Orwell-yet.

Le Soudan à la croisée des chemins

Nihal EL MQUIRMI | Posted : November 12, 2021

Près de trois ans après l’éviction d’el-Béchir du pouvoir et la formation d’un gouvernement de transition, composé de civils et de militaires, la situation politique et économique du Soudan est loin d’être stable. Bien que des progrès aient été enregistrés depuis décembre 2018, la transition démocratique a été interrompue brutalement suite à la prise du pouvoir par le général al-Burhan et sa décision de dissoudre le gouvernement civil. Malgré le climat d’instabilité et d’incertitude qui règne dans le pays, plusieurs éléments autorisent à dégager quelques pistes concernant l’avenir.

Ready for the long haul

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 10, 2021

Olaf Scholz had no time to enjoy the beauty of the Canale Grande-one of the most treasured tourist sights on the globe. In July of this year, during his first visit to Venice ever, the 63 years old ambitious German politician was not drawn to the historical wonders or the fine architecture the city offers. In the center of the city's esthetical grandeur, the German Minister of Finance and Vice-Chancellor of Angela Merkel's government practiced what he enjoys most: politics, his passion since high school days. An early leftist who moved towards the more conservative wing of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), a party led by political luminaries such as Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmidt.

Could the U.S. and China Spoil Latin America’s Rebound?

Otaviano Canuto | Posted : November 05, 2021

A slowdown in China and winding down of U.S. stimulus threaten a much-needed regional rebound.

Hugs are Allowed and Planes are Flying

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 05, 2021

The modern offices are flooded with light; some figures in face masks face the empty space, which is embraced by total silence. The air conditioning system is producing fresh air, indicating that the Policy Center for the New South continued to work in the shadow of the pandemic.

The news is grim

Helmut Sorge | Posted : November 04, 2021

The rhythm of samba is being replaced by funeral hymns. Almost 560,000 Brazilians (608,000 as of October 31,2021) have succumbed to COVID-19, the world’s second highest death toll, and no end is in sight. There have been “Staggering losses”, as the BBC reported (on July 8), provoking Medecins sans Frontières to warn of a “humanitarian catastrophe” in Brazil.