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Emmanuel Pinto Moreira

Title: Senior Fellow

Area of expertise: Fiscal policy ; Development economics ; MENA region ; Macroeconomics ; International Trade

Dr. Emmanuel Pinto Moreira is Senior Fellow at Policy Center for the New South and the Director of the Economic Department of the African Development Bank. He is in charge of establishing a strong department as well as genuinely conducting policy dialogue with policy makers of the region while heavily focusing on new growth strategies, challenges facing middle income countries, fiscal policies and debt reduction strategies. He served previously as regional lead economist for the MENA region at the World Bank. His mission was geared towards first conducting policy dialogue with Maghreb authorities’ and helping them design their vision papers; second, he provided strategic advice on major economic challenges facing these countries, more precisely. Furthermore, Dr. Pinto Moreira was in charge of preparing country reports on the macroeconomic perspectives of 18 countries, and reviewing reports on Economics and Finance of the MENA region; he also managed the knowledge program for the MENA region. As a team leader of the Global Practice in charge of Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment (MTI), Dr. Pinto Moreira was in charge of conceiving the working agenda for economists and guaranteeing deliverables that are insightful and have sound impact on countries’ development. He has published numerous research papers in the areas of growth policies, trade and competitiveness, public financial management, fiscal and exchange rate policies.

Before joining the World Bank, Dr. Pinto Moreira worked at the International Monetary Fund as a senior economist within the Middle East and Central Asia with a focus on fiscal policies. He was also a senior advisor to the executive director of the 24 French-speaking African countries.

Dr. Pinto Moreira holds a Master degree and received his PhD in Macroeconomics from University of Lorraine in France. As a professor, Dr. Pinto Moreira taught undergraduate students Macroeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, and Microeconomics at both the University of Nancy and the University of Metz.