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Participants 2012


Hassan Abassi
Conseiller du Ministre des Affaires Étrangères et de la Coopération
Kingdom of Morocco

Dina Abdel-Fattah
Project Manager
DESERTEC Foundation

Roberto Abdenur
President and CEO, CEBRI

Rajendra Abhyankar
Kunzru Center for Defence Studies and Research

Abdeslam Aboudrar
Instance Centrale de Prévention de la Corruption

Amani Abou-Zeid
Representative in Morocco
African Development Bank

Odeh Aburdene
OAI Advisors

Mohamed Amin Adam
Energy Economist
Ghana Oil Club

Manuel Aguiar

Wadia Ait Hamza
Admissions and Student Life Manager
Rabat School of Governance and Economy

Abdelmalek Alaoui
Managing Partner – Associé-Gérant
Global Intelligence Partners

Nezha Alaoui
Chef de la Chef de la Division Cooperation Bilaterale Afrique au MAEC
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Kingdom of Morocco

Omar Alaoui Benhachem
Secretary General
OCP Foundation

Caroline Alexis-Thomas
Health Consultant
Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago

Ana Cristina Alves
Senior Researcher
South African Institute of International Affairs

Luis Amado
Banif - SGPS, SA

Marouane Ameziane
Chief of Staff, Office of the Chairman and CEO
OCP Group

Steffen Angenendt
Senior Associate and Advisor
Stiftung für Wissenschaft und Politik

Neyla Arnas
Senior Research Fellow
National Defence University

William Awinador-Kanyirige
Deputy Representative to the United Nations

Anna Ayuso
Research Fellow
Barcelona Centre for International Affairs

Jamal Aziz
Project Manager, Strategy Division
OCP Group

Abbes Azzouzi
Medi1 TV

Marie-Claude Azzouzi
Executive Director
Rabat School of Governance and Economy

Hassan Ba
Ancien Conseiller du President Wade

Mohamed Badraoui
Director General
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique, Morocco

Mustapha Bakkoury
Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy

Yldiz Beighle
Head of CARICOM Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Suriname

Peter Beinart
Senior Fellow
New America Foundation

German Bejarano
Adjoint au President. Directeur Relationes Institutionnelles

Mohamed Belrhazi
Belrhazi Museum

William Bellamy
Warburg Chair in International Relations
Simmons College

Mohammed Belmahi
OCP Foundation

Hichem Ben Yaich
Editor in Chief
Magazine New African

Hassan Benabderrazik
Former Secretary General

Amal Benaissa
Contributing Expert at Mouseion Limited
London School of Economics

Saad Benmansour
Managing Editor
Groupe Caractères

Fayçal Benameur
Development of New Products
OCP Group

Mohammed Benamor
President, CDS
Chairman and CEO, KTI/KTH

Laurent Benarousse
Partner & Managing Director
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Liam Benham
Vice President, Governmental Programs, Europe
IBM Corporation

Raul Benitez-Manaut
National Autonomous University of Mexico

Nacer Benjelloun Touimi
Study Program Coordinator
Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques (Royal Institute for Strategic Studies)

Amina Benkhadra
General Director
Office National des Hydrocarbures et des Mines

Saad Benmansour
Managing Editor
Groupe Caractères - La Vie Eco & Aujourd'hui le Maroc

Rachid Bennani
OCP Commercial Team
OCP Group

Nour el Houda Benomar
Department of Sustainable Development
OCP Group

Assia Bensalah Alaoui
Ambassadeur Itinerant de Sa Majeste Le Roi
Kingdom of Morocco

Meriem Bensalah Chaqroun
Confederation of Moroccan Industry

Ibtissam Bensetti
Direction Strategy Group
OCP Group

Serge Berdugo
Ambassador at Large
Kingdom of Morocco

Francesca Binda
Senior Resident Director, Morocco
National Democratic Institute

Laura Blumenfeld
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Will Bohlen
Director of Communications
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Brent Bombach
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Senator Rob Portman

Victor Borges
FDI-CV President
Foundation for Development and International Exchanges, FDI-CV

Othmane Bouabid
Former Governor, Consultant

Soundouss Bouhia
Strategy Specialist and Member
International Women’s Forum

Rahma Bourqia
Former President
University Hassan II Mohammedia, Casablanca

Benjamin Brake
Leiter Verbindungsbüro Berlin, Director, Governmental Programs
IBM Corporation

Sofia Branco

Enrique Bravo Escobar
Senior Advisor for Policy Planning
Mexican Embassy to the United States

Georgina Browes
Government Relations Department

Charles Buchanan
Administrator (Vice President)
Fundação Luso-Americana

Tom Burke
Environmental Policy Advisor
Rio Tinto

Jean-Yves Carfantan
Agro Bras Consult

George Carner
Independent Consultant

Jorge Castañeda
Global Distinguished Professor of Politics and Latin American and Caribbean Studies
New York University

Flávio Castelo Branco
Executive Manager

Victor Cervino
Legislative Assistant
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio

Asma Chaâbi
Founding President, Board Member
International Women’s Forum

Denis Chaibi
Member of Cabinet, Commissioner Georgieva
European Commission

Omar Hasnaoui Chaoui
Fondation Hélios pour le Dialogue et le Développement

Samir Chaouki
Director of Publications
Les Echos Quotidien

Samia Charadi
OCP Group

Ahmed Charai

Henry Wallice Charles
International Youth Development Specialist, Policy and Strategy Advisor
Genesis Consulting

Kumardev Chatterjee
Founder and President
European Young Innovators Forum

Otman Chbihi
Groupe Echo Media

Michael Chertoff
Chairman and Managing Director
Chertoff Group, LLC

Jacobus Cilliers
Executive Director
Institute for Security Studies

Fatoumata Cissé
Société Navale Guinéene

Elena Clarici
Association of Mining Analysts

Christopher Coats

Tamara Cofman Wittes
Director, Saban Center for Middle East Policy
Brookings Institution

Isobel Coleman
Senior Fellow and Director, Civil Society, Markets, and Democracy Initiative
Council on Foreign Relations

Maia Comeau
Director of Congressional Affairs
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Alcides Costa Vaz
Professor of International Relations
University of Brasilia

Kevin Cottrell
Director, Transatlantic Leadership Initiatives
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Olayinka Creighton-Randall
Coordinator, Justice Sector Coordination Office
Ministry of Justice, Sierra Leone

Joana Cruz
International Relations Officer
European External Action Service

Amidu Dauda
Head of News and Senior Talk Show Host
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

David Davis
Legislative Director
U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison

Vivian Davies
Chief Operating Officer
Centre for Economic Policy Research

Zohra Dawood
Executive Director
Open Society Foundation for South Africa

Manuel de Barros
Deputy CEO
Strategic Studies Centre of Angola

José Humberto de Brito Cruz
Head of Policy Planning
Ministry of Foreign Relations, Brazil

Aart De Geus
Chairman and CEO
Bertelsmann Stiftung

Anne-François de Saint Salvy
Former Maritime Prefect for Atlantic

Massimo Deandreis
Director General
S.R.M. - Economic Research - Intesa Sanpaolo Group

Rut Diamint
Universidad Torcuato Di Tella

Birame Diop
Institut Africain pour la Transformation du Secteur de Securite

Amadou Diop
Technical Counselor
Ministry of Armed Forces, Senegal

Yasmin Dolatabadi
Google Ideas

Marcela Donadio
Executive Secretary
Latin American Security and Defence Network

Xenia Dormandy
Senior Fellow
Chatham House

Amanda Dory
Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs
Dept. of Defense, United States

Moulay Driss Alaoui M’Daghri
Al Akhawayn University

Amar Drissi
Executive Vice President for Production
OCP Group

Vladimir Duthiers

Nicholas Eberstadt
Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy
American Enterprise Institute

Olof Ehrenkrona
Chief of Staff and Political Adviser
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden

Youssef El Bari
Director, Industrial Innovation
OCP Group

Thiam Mohamed El Bassirou
Editor in Chief
Atlantic Radio

Mohamed El Farah
Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering SA
OCP Group

Mohamed El Hajjouji
Executive Vice President, Finance
OCP Group

Reda El Merini
Director of Studies
Diplomatic Academy of Morocco

Abdrrahmane El Yamani
Director, Agricultural Development Program
OCP Foundation

Andreas Esche
Leiter Aktion Demographischer wandel
Bertelsmann Stiftung


Hayat Essakkati
Social Development Specialist
The World Bank & International Finance Corporation

Joy Ezeilo
Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Liz Fanning
Founder and Executive Director

Rui Faria da Cunha
Executive Manager
Brazilian Business Affairs

Eric Farnsworth
Vice President
Council of the Americas

Daniel Fata
Vice President
The Cohen Group

Kathleen Ferrier
Special Representative on Migration

Mark Fischer
Director of Major Conferences
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Nora Fisher Onar
Assistant Professor
Bahçesehir University

Renato Flôres
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Helga Flores Trejo
Head of Strategic Communications
Inter-American Development Bank

Shepard Forman
Center on International Cooperation

Liam Fox
House of Commons, United Kingdom

Adam Freed
Director, Global Securing Water
City of New York

Any Freitas
Senior Program Manager
Institute for Security Studies

Blair Glencorse
Executive Director
Accountability Lab

Silvio Gonzato
Head of Secretariat - Committee on Foreign Affairs
European Parliament

Nik Gowing
Main Presenter, BBC World TV

Ettore Greco
Istituto Affari Internazionali

Crispin Grey-Johnson
St. Mary’s Holding Co

Cecil Griffiths
Liberian National Law Enforcement Association

Ghizlane Guedira
Adviser to the CEO
OCP Group

Georges Guibert
Advisor to the CEO
OCP Group

Kwanele Gumbi
Chief Executive Officer
Gumbi Global

Gene Gurevich
Director of Congressional Affairs
Securing America’s Energy Future

Michael Hage
Resident Representative, Morocco
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Olaf Hahn
Senior Vice President
Robert Bosch Stiftung

Jacqueline Hale
Senior Policy Analyst –EU External Relations
Open Society Foundations

Karl Hallding
Head of SEI China Cluster
Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)

Carter Ham
U.S. Africa Command

Daniel Hamilton
Executive Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations
Johns Hopkins University

Aicha Hammoumi
Communications Director
OCP Group

Jane Hamsher
Founder and Publisher

Jennifer Hillman
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Paul Holthus
Executive Director
World Ocean Council

Chris Hoornaert
Ambassador of the Port Authority of Antwerp

Holly Huffman
Emerging Markets Research Team
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Khalil Hachimi Idrissi
Agence Maghreb Arab Press

David Ignatius
Columnist and Associate Editor
The Washington Post

Paul Isbell
Calouste Gulbenkian Fellow
Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins-SAIS

Len Ishmael
Director General
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

Bruce Jackson
Project on Transitional Democracies

Mark Jacobson
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Tamar Jacoby
ImmigrationWorks USA

Francine Jacome
Venezuelan Institute of Social and Political Studies

Mamour Alieu Jagne
Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the EU
The Gambia

Muhammed Jah
Qcell, Gambia

Laarabi Jaidi

Mam Cherno Jallow
Federation of West African Chambers of Commerce and Industry

Abdoulie Janneh
Executive Secretary
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Alejandro Jara
Deputy Director-General
World Trade Organization

Roselyn John
The Nigerian Army Headquaters

Alex Johnson
Representative of the Helsinki Commission
U.S. Helsinki Commission/U.S. Mission to the OSCE

Gregory Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Echelon Strategies

Sophie Jouineau
Head of Latin America Bureau
Ministry of Defense, France

Saran Daraba Kaba
Secretary General
Mano River Union

Donald Kalokoh
Country Representative Sierra Leone
Youth Action International

Bako Kantiok
Program Officer
Fantsuam Foundation

Samuel Kaplan
Ambassador to Morocco
U.S. Department of State

Sylvia Kaplan
U.S. Ambassador to Morocco

Souhail Karam
Correspondent, North Africa

Craig Kelly
Senior Non-Resident Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Craig Kennedy
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Florian Kern
Financial Markets Adviser
Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

Gauri Khandekar
Researcher and Head of Agora Asia-Europe Programme
Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior

Jim Kolbe
Senior Transatlantic Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Paul Kong
Senior Advisor
U.S. Senator Richard G. Lugar

R. Andreas Kraemer
Ecologic Institute

Katarina Králiková
First Secretary, Economic and Commercial Affairs
Embassy of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of South Africa

Irina Krasovskaya
We Remember Foundation

Eduardo Krieger
Vice President of the Board
Sao Paulo Research Foundation

Krishan Kumar
Ambassador to Morocco

Charles Kupchan
Senior Fellow
Council on Foreign Relations

Tatiana Lacerda Prazeres
Secretary of Foreign Trade
Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, Brazil

Ahmed Lahlimi
High Commission for Planning

Kamal Lahlou
Managing Editor
Groupe New Publicity-Challenge, Version Homme, Radios MFM

Luiz Felipe Lampreia
Managing Partner
Lampreia Consultores Internacionais

Georges Landau
Managing Director
Menas do Brasil

Ahmed Larouz

Bill Lawrence
North Africa Director
International Crisis Group

Elena Lazarou
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Mathieu Lefevre
Executive Director
New Cities Foundation

Christian Leffler
Managing Director for the Americas
European External Action Service

Thomas Legge
Senior Program Officer
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Michael Leigh
Senior Advisor
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Marc Leland
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Pamela Lesser
Ecologic Institute

Ian Lesser
Executive Director, Transatlantic Center, Brussels
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Jeremy Lester
Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Adviser, Africa Department
European External Action Service

Yves Leterme
Deputy Secretary General

Luigi Liccardo
SRM - Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)

Tod Lindberg
Research Fellow
Hoover Institution, Stanford University; Editor, Policy Review

Elias (Eltie) Links
University of Stellenbosch Business School

Stacey Links
Ph.D. student
University of Utrecht

Alejandro Litovsky
Founder and CEO
Earth Security Initiative

Carmen Lomellin
Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States
United States

Alejandro Lorca Corróns
Professor of Economics
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Farida Loudaya
Director for American Affairs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Morocco

Luc Luwel
Voka - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerpen-Waasland

Abderrahmane Lyamani
Director Agricultural Development Program
OCP Foundation

Amine Maaouni
Chargé de Mission
OCP Group

Lena Mackenthun
New Product Planning and Alliance Manager
Lilly Deutschland GmbH

Sophia Mahdi
Interface Coordinator,
Jacobs Engineering, SA
OCP Group

Merle Maigre
Security Adviser to the President
Office of the President of Estonia

Steve Manteaw
Media and Campaign Coordinator
Integrated Social Development Centre

Joao Marques de Almeida
Political Advisor, Outreach Team, BEPA
European Commission

Armando Marques Guedes
Professor, Member of the Council of the Law Faculty
Nova University of Lisbon

Simon Martelli

Leonardo Martinez-Diaz
Deputy Asssitant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere
U.S. Department of the Treasury

[/one_third] [one_third_last]
Mikael Matingou
Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office

Gale Mattox
Professor of Political Science
Georgetown University

Mass Mboup
Les Echos/Africa International

Kym McCarty
Global Advocacy Initiative

Christopher McLaughlin
Vice-President of External Affairs

Kerry McNamara
Advisor to the Chairman & CEO
OCP Group

Aziz Mekouar
Former Moroccan Ambassador to the United States

Marta Miera

Alessandro Minuto-Rizzo
Senior Strategic Advisor
Enel Holding

Mansouria Mokhefi
Head of the Maghreb/Middle East Program
Institut Français des Relations Internationales

Vital Moreira
European Parliament

Timothy Morris
Ambassador to Morocco
United Kingdom

Said Mouline
General Director
Center for Development of Renewable Energies

Taoufiq Mouline
Director General
L’Institut royal des Etudes Stratégiques

Mkinsi Mounia
Operations Director
OCP Foundation

Futhi Mtoba
Chairman of the Africa Board
Deloitte & Touche

Said Mufti
Research Director
Institut Royal des Etudes Stratégiques (Royal Institute for Strategic Studies)

Lisa Mullins
Host, The World

Porfirio Thierry Muñoz Ledo
Ambassador to Morocco

Emile Myburgh
Trade Attorney and Business Day Columnist
Emile Myburgh Attorneys

Leane Naidin
Professor of International Trade
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Driss Naim
Director of Financing, Treasury, and Insurance
OCP Group

Andre Nassar

Oumar Ndongo
Student and Youth Travel Organization (SYTO) Senegal

Jennifer Nero
Managing Director
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Julia Nesheiwat
Deputy Assistant Secretary
U.S. Department of State

Alieu Ngum
Ambassador to the United States
The Gambia

Cyriaque Nikuze Sendashonga
Global Director
International Union for Conservation of Nature

Grover Norquist
Americans for Tax Reform

Paul Oquist
Minister and Private Secretary for National Policies
Republic of Nicaragua

Fathallah Oualaou
Rabat, Morocco

Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Head Middle East and North Africa
Geneva Centre for Security Policy

Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah

Artis Pabriks
Minister of Defence

Amanda Pais
Orange France Telecom

Farah Pandith
Special Representative to Muslim Communities
U.S. Department of State

Costas Papanicolas
The Cyprus Institute

Neal Peirce

Andres Peñate
Vice-President for Corporate Affairs

Marc Perrin de Brichambaut
Council of State, France

Michael Pevzner
Professional Staff Member
U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence

Abdallah Rachidi Alaoui
General Manager, Morocco
IBM Corporation

Joao Pontes Nogueira
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Norberto Pontiroli
Advisor on International Relations
City of Buenos Aires

Wolfgang Pordzik
Exec. Vice President for Corporate
Public Policy

Carlos Portales
Director, Program on International Organizations, Law & Diplomacy
Washington College of Law

Bruno Pouezat
Resident Coordinator
United Nations Development Program

Mzukisi Qobo
Senior Lecturer/Fellow
University of Pretoria

Gideon Rachman
Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist
Financial Times

Susan Reichle
Assistant to the Administrator
U.S. Agency for International Development

Margus Reinsalu
Chairman of the Board
KC Grupp

Dan Restrepo
Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs
U.S. National Security Council

Chris Reynolds
Director, Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport
Coast Guard, Ireland

John Richardson
Senior Resident Fellow
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Sandra Rios
Centro de Estudos de Integracao e Desenvolvimento

Jean-Paul Rodrigue
Hofstra University

Blanca Rodriguez
News Host, TV Interviewer
Saeta TV

Martin Rose
British Council Morocco

Hilary Rosen
Managing Director

Andres Rozental
Nonresident Senior Fellow
Brookings Institution

Luis Rubio
Center for Research on Development

Nicolo Russo Perez
Program Manager, International Relations and European Integration
Compagnia di San Paolo

Ana Maria Salazar
Grupo Salazar

Ronald Sanders
EPG Consultant
Commonwealth Secretariat

Arturo Sarukhan Casamitjana
Ambassador to the United States

Marietje Schaake
European Parliament

Randall Scheunemann
Orion Strategies

Joachim Schneider
Senior Vice President for Growth and Strategy
Bayer CropScience

Simon Serfaty
Zbigniew Brzezinski Chair (Emeritus) in Global Security and Geostrategy
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Ricardo Serrao Santos
Provost for the Integration of Marine Affairs
University of Azores

Jean-Michel Severino
Investisseur et Partenaires

Karima Sghiri
Director, CSR Program
OCP Foundation

Tom Shannon
Ambassador to Brazil
United States

Tamar Shapiro
Senior Director, Urban & Social Program
German Marshall Fund of the United States

TVR Shenoy
Freelance Journalist

Shi Yinhong 
Professor of International Relations, Director of the Center on American Studies
Renmin University of China

Mark Simakovsky
Country Director - Georgia and Moldova
U.S. Department of Defense

Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal
Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Andrew Small
Transatlantic Fellow
The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Andre Soares
Analysis Coordinator
Conselho Empresarial Brasil-China

Claire Spencer
Head, Middle East & North Africa Programme
Chatham House

Bruce Stokes
Pew Global Attitudes Project

Gerald Strikker
Ambassador to Morocco
the Netherlands

Neil Sumilas
Managing Director, Executive Office
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Hilda Szklo

Mouhssine Tadlaoui-Cherki
Country Director, Morocco

Hasan Teoman
Entrepreneur/International Consultant

Mostafa Terrab
Chairman and CEO
OCP Group

Laura Thompson
Deputy Director General
International Organization for Migration

Andre Tolentino
Member of the Board of Directors
Amilcar Cabral Foundation, Cape Verde

Joao Vale de Almeida
Ambassador to the United States
European Union

Alfredo Valladão
Sciences Po

Harry Van Dorenmalen
Chairman for Europe; Country General Manager IBM NL

IBM Corporation

Ivan Vejvoda
Vice President, Programs
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Joshua Walker
Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary’s Global Partnership Initiative
U.S. Department of State

Eustace Wallace
Third Secretary
Embassy of the Eastern Caribbean States and Missions to the European Union

Lyal White
Director of the Centre for Dynamic Markets
University of Pretoria

Linda Wiessler-Hughes
Deputy National Intelligence Officer
for Transnational Threats
National Intelligence Council

Robin Wright
Distinguished Scholar
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Rob Wrigley
Vice President, Government Relations

John Yearwood
World Editor
The Miami Herald

Dov Zakheim
Senior Advisor
Center for Strategic and International Studies

Khalid Zerouali
Director of Migration and Border Control
Ministry of Interior, Kingdom of Morocco

Astrid Ziebarth
Director, Immigration and Integration
German Marshall Fund of the United States

Younes Zrikem
Executive Advisor
Boston Consulting Group